An Emotional Evening

March 12, 2010

Tonight marked the last home game and second last game of the Pats season. In less than twenty-four hours, the season will be over, ending with the second half of the home and home series against Brandon.

I found tonight to be really emotional. I’m a girl, so I’m allowed to be emotional. I’ll get into details and nitpicking later, but for now, time to let the feelings show.

I’m feeling pretty bummed about loosing so badly. 9-3. Not so hot. It’s much better than 10-2, but it is still pretty disheartening in front of a huge crowd. Apparently the Brandt Centre was sold out. There were a lot of empty seats though. I’m also feeling really bummed that Matt Strueby was held off the score sheet tonight, his last ever home game. 

Now on to why I’m proud. Leffler potted the first Pats goal in his final home game. Mitch McColm gets this gal’s bravery award for taking a puck to the face then continuing to play really well. Colten Teubert gets a high five for the beauty of a fight he had against Jordan Hale. Not going to lie, he is sexy. Really sexy when he fights. Jordan Eberle got his 49th of the season on a power play (and my section won a bag of chips!). Words can’t express the pride I feel for these guys. It’s too bad that they lost, but I’m still so proud.

Another reason I’m proud – at the end of the game, they came out on the ice to get a standing ovation with their heads held high. Then when he was leaving, Teubert gave his stick to the little boy sitting right in front of me. He was stoked. I got all choked up. Then Eberle gave his stick away after winning first star. I got all choked up again. Then the whole team came back and passed out their sticks. I think they should have passed out kisses too, but I’ll just have to talk to Brent Parker about that for next season.

A lovely, funny note for the night: Mitch McColm is a character. Some dumb chick behind me shouted out “McColm! I love you!” To which looked up at her and gave her a smile and a fun little wink. It was kind of cute. I’m pretty sure she was 13, so it was hilarious.

I’m bummed because my dreams of ever meeting Jordan Eberle have come crashing down. He’ll be “deported,” for lack of a better word, down to Springfield on Sunday. Unless he sneaks over to my house tonight, I’ll never meet him. Annnnd that is pretty unlikely, considering he doesn’t know me from a hole in the ground. Darn! I would love to sit down and just talk to the guy. He seems fascinating. Regardless, I don’t have enough great things to say about the guy as a person (from accounts of people I know as well as seeing him with the kids at the games) and as a player (no explanation required).

So as you can see, I had a really emotional evening. Many highs and lows. Mostly highs though.

Tomorrow the Pats are in Brandon. I’m not expecting a win, but it would be nice to be close. Regardless, I want to see some gloves hit the ice. A solid fight or two would be just lovely. Failing that, Eberle needs just one goal. I’ll be happy if we lose 99-1, so long as that one is Eberle’s.

Adios for now! Go Pats!

PS. I hope the Pats come home and have a party next weekend. They should invite me. (Okay, that would never happen. If it did, I promise it will be on my blog before 6am the following day. I’d love to meet the players and get to know they man behind the pads. Plus, lots of them are drop-dead sexy. Sorry… that was the girl inside me jumping out! Whoops!)


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